These are some helpful tips, and thoughts others have found successful along with treatment. None of these are replacements for actual therapy and counseling or the sole answer to problems you may be facing.

  1. No Expectations – Stop being surprised that your family is still the same.
  2. Acceptance – The definition of insanity is doing something for the 1000th time and expecting different results.
    Normal is a setting on a washing machine. There is no such thing as normal.
  3. Detachment – Just because your up does not mean I am going to be up and just because you’re down, does not mean I am going to be down. I am detaching from the insanity of my family, friends, and life.
  4. Loving detachment – Allows me to have contact with unhealthy family members and unhealthy friends.
  5. Is the Thought accurate?
  6. Is the thought correct?
  7. Being appropriate as opposed to being respectful or disrespectful
  8. Set appropriate boundaries in response to inappropriate actions of others.
  9. Old behavior and old responses might not be working, lean new appropriate actions and responses.
  10. Reflect daily on your actions and reactions on life, work and love. How could you do it differently?
  11. Give your brain other options. Practice correct thinking and accurate thinking daily.
  12. Hope is fear in reverse.
  13. Patience for yourself. Tolerance of others.